Music Theory Scales & Chords Chart Poster Black

With over a hundred unique chords and forty eight scales displayed in all twelve keys, you’ll be able to recreate any song, build any chords progression or melody and expand your musical knowledge.

✅ Available in three sizes and two colors
✅ 100+ chords displayed
✅ 48 scales displayed
✅ Write better songs and melodies
✅ Chords and scales in all 12 keys
✅ Easily navigate through chord and scales
✅ Designed for maximum readability
✅ Easily decompose any song
✅ Find the scale of any song
✅ Worldwide tracked shipping

Material: Durable thick paper
Package: 1 pc, Piano Chords & Scales Chart Poster

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Learn piano chords

This valuable music theory tool is certainly the best for learning piano chords and scales for any musician of any musical background. This eye-catching piano chord chart has an immense amount of information about all piano chords. This incredible piano chord and scale chart goes far beyond the music theory only, it also helps you with songwriting, music production, as well as assisting you with understanding the relation of major and minor piano chord keys.

7th chords piano

The piano Chords & Scales poster features a list of 7th chords also known as jazz piano chords. Seventh chords sound much more lush than triads and are therefore often used in jazz music to create richer harmonic progressions. Seventh chords are used to add dimensions to a song, adding different nuances to give a song a different structure.

Major chords piano

The piano Chords & Scales poster displays every piano major chord in all 12 keys.

Minor chords piano

Minor chord have what we call either a “minor third” or “flat third.” It’s the third degree of the chord’s respective minor scale. The piano Chords & Scales poster displays 12 minor piano chords in all 12 keys.

Diminished chords piano

Diminished chords are triads, built from the root, minor third and diminished fifth notes. The diminished chord adds two minor thirds above the root note. Three semitones separate the third and fifth notes of the chord as with a C major triad which has the notes The root C, the third E and the fifth G.

Augmented chords piano

An augmented chord is made up of two major thirds the name comes from an augmented triad that’s considered to be a major piano chords, that has the top note raised. The piano Chords & Scales chart poster displayed 12 diminished chords in all 12 keys.

How to find the chords and key of a song on piano

When you learn piano chords and scales, you can also learn to play any song. You can use this poster to find the key, melodies and chords to any song. It will also teach you to memorize piano chords better. Listen to any song and try to find the root note. After that, try to figure out whether it’s written in major or minor. When you figure that out, all you have to do is look at the poster and go through the right piano scale to uncover the song’s main melody. You can easily find the chords of a song on your piano, by either looking at the chords in that scale, or try to play chords from the poster and see if they sound identical to the ones used in your song of choice.

Why should i learn piano chords and scales?

It serves you well, regardless of your music background, whether you’re a bassist, a classical violinist, or a jazz players. It teaches you all the modern chords and scales being listed in all 12 keys. The Piano Chords and Scales poster will make you fall in love with the art of songwriting. It is available in white or black colors designed for maximum readability from any viewing point. Make a no limit to its uses, by getting your hands on the easy and well-structured piano chords to unlock your world to music. Get yours now, with world-wide shipping. Add much more depth to your songwriting and music-playing.

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