Piano Scales Chart (PDF File)

Our Piano Scales Chart PDF is great for beginner producers who don’t know enough music theory yet.  It will improve your melodies and make your music more dynamic. Check out our Piano Chords Chart Mousepads posters and PDFs if you want to learn the most essential chords.

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Major, Melodic Minor, Natural Minor, Harmonic Minor
Displays scales in all 12 keys
✅ Great for beginners
✅ Keys

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Essential scales displayed

This Piano Scales Chart displays the most essential scales used in modern music production. These are: The Major, Melodic Minor, Natural Minor, Harmonic Minor scales. The scales are displayed in all 12 key signatures. If you want to become a music producer but you don’t know anything about theory, this is the perfect tool for you, because knowing scales will allow you to create melodies.


Piano Chords Chart Mousepad

Easily navigate through scales

Notes are signified by the red dots on the piano scales chart. The keys are listed on the left side of the scales chart, therefore, it’s incredibly easy to look up scales in different keys.


Play any melody

Learning the most essential scales in music production will take your melody game to the next level. By using the piano scales chart PDF you can transform any idea into an actual melody.


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