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Our Piano Scales Chart Mousepads are a valuable asset for aspiring producers who are still acquainting themselves with music theory. Designed with convenience in mind, simply place the mousepad on your desk and embark on a daily scale practice routine. This consistent practice will not only enhance your melodic abilities but also infuse your music with newfound dynamism.

For those seeking to delve into essential chords, we also offer Piano Chords Chart Mousepads and posters as complementary resources. By exploring these resources, you can expand your chord knowledge and incorporate a rich harmonic palette into your compositions. Additionally, we offer the option of a sleek black design to suit different preferences and aesthetics.

These mousepads serve as practical tools that enable you to develop your musical skills and unlock your creative potential. Embrace the opportunity to enhance your understanding of scales, chords, and melodies, as you embark on an exciting journey of musical growth.

  • 🎹 4 essential scales
  • 🎼 Displayed in all keys
  • ⚫️⚪️ Two colors
  • ✅ Beginner friendly

Essential Scales Displayd

Our comprehensive Piano Scales Chart showcases the fundamental scales essential to modern music production. These include the Major, Melodic Minor, Natural Minor, and Harmonic Minor scales, which form the backbone of countless musical compositions. Each of these scales is meticulously presented in all 12 key signatures, offering a complete and versatile resource.

For aspiring music producers who are new to music theory, this chart is an ideal companion. Understanding scales is a crucial step in the creative process, as it empowers you to construct captivating melodies. By familiarizing yourself with these scales, you will gain the ability to infuse your compositions with musicality and expressiveness.

Whether you are just beginning your journey as a music producer or seeking to expand your theoretical knowledge, this Piano Scales Chart is a valuable tool that will guide you along the way. Embrace the opportunity to learn, explore, and unleash your creativity through the mastery of essential scales.

  • 🎹 Major scale
  • 🎹 Natural minor scale
  • 🎹 Harmonic minor scale
  • 🎹 Melodic minor scale

Customer Reviews

8 reviews for Piano Scales Chart Mousepad

  1. Daisy Faassen

    Love the design and colours! Thanks

  2. Mike

    Thank you!!! It’s been on my desk at all times lol

    the mousepad is helping me create songs from scratch so i don’t have to be dependant on samples anymore.

  3. Frank

    One of the best purchases i’ve ever made 🙂

  4. Alex

    Just took my pads from post office. Good fabric cover, decent rubber on the bottom.

    Print on the pad clear, readable. Not blurry or smth. Weights not predictably a lot. But it’s sized near A4 papersheet so no surprise though. Makes sure that it won’t slick on table.

    Nice purchase. It’s worth every penny. Suggest to buy!

    P.S. There are small nifty gifts within 😀

  5. Steph

    Loving this mousepad!!!

  6. Felix

    Saw this and said “shut up and take my money”

  7. Beats by AZ

    Really stepped my melody game up. ?

  8. Jamairo

    The importance of scales is something i was not aware of. Everything is based on them. This tool has taught me so much about music that hundreds of tutorials failed to do.


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