Music Theory Scales & Chords Chart Poster White

Our music theory posters are great for beginner producers who don’t know enough music theory yet. Simply hang it on your wall in your home studio or bedroom and start practicing the chords and scales on a daily basis. It will improve your chord progressions and will allow you to create fire melodies. Also check out our Music theory mousepads. Also available in Black.

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Major, Minor, Seventh, Augmented, Diminished chords
Major, Melodic Minor, Natural Minor, Harmonic Minor scales
Displays chords and scales in all 12 keys
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ESSENTIAL chords/scales displayed

Music Theory Scales & Chords Chart Poster White. Displays the most essential chords and scales used in modern music production. These are (chords): The Major, Minor, Seventh, Augmented and Diminished chords. And (scales): The Major, Melodic Minor, Natural Minor, Harmonic Minor scales.The chords and scales are displayed in all 12 key signatures. If you want to become a music producer but you don’t know anything about theory, this is the perfect tool for you.

easily navigate through CHORDS/scales

Notes are signified by the red dots on the music theory poster. The keys are listed on the left side of the chords and scales charts, therefore, it’s incredibly easy to look up chords and scales in different keys.

Black variant used for examplary purposes
White variant used for examplary purposes.

Learning the most important chords and scales in music production will allow you to play any song you want. By using the piano chords/scales poster you can create more complex chord progressions and better melodies easily.

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