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Introducing our revolutionary Music Theory Cheat Sheet Mousepad, meticulously designed to support and empower individuals who struggle with music theory, making it an ideal learning tool for beginners. This comprehensive mousepad is packed with invaluable resources that cover all aspects of music theory, providing you with the ultimate aid for songwriting and music production.

Featuring a chord building table, a simplified circle of fifths diagram, a comprehensive major and minor key chord table for constructing chord progressions, an easily accessible inversions chart, a sight reading chart to assist in learning sheet music, a detailed musical modes table, and a comprehensive scale building table—this mousepad encompasses everything you will ever need to dive into the world of music composition and production.

  • 🎹 25+ chords
  • 🎼 Sight reading tool
  • ⏱ Simplified circle of 5ths
  • 🎹 Major/minor key chords
  • 🌈 LED Backlight
  • 🔌 1.8m USB included
  • 🎹 Chord Inversions chart
  • 🎹 7 essential scales
  • 🎶 Musical modes table

Chord building table

Chord Building: In the top left corner of the mousepad, you'll find a concise chord-building table. This visual reference displays 25+ chord names along with their corresponding formulas. To enhance understanding, we've included a keyboard diagram showcasing the chord structure. With this chart, you can effortlessly construct various chords, including major, minor, sus, dominant, augmented, and diminished chords in any key.

  • 🎹 Major chords
  • 🎹 Minor chords
  • 🎹 Dominant chords
  • 🎹 Sus chords
  • 🎹 Major/minor key chords
  • 🎹 Diminished chords
  • 🎹 Augmented chords
Music theory tips

Sight reading helper

Sheet music reading, often perceived as challenging, is an invaluable skill for musicians of all roles. Whether you aim to decipher your favorite songs or expand your musical knowledge, understanding sheet music is highly beneficial. Our sight-reading chart simplifies this concept by breaking down notes on the bass and treble clefs. Additionally, mnemonic aids are provided to help you recall the precise names of each space on the clefs.

  • ✅ Individually colored notes
  • 🎹 Bass/treble cleff

The music modes

Musical modes are distinct scales with unique melodic characteristics. Derived from ancient Western music, the 7 modes (Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, and Locrian) hold great significance. Our modes table empowers you to identify and learn the formulas for each mode, enabling you to incorporate them effectively in your songwriting.

  • ✅ Ionian mode
  • ✅ Dorian mode
  • ✅ Mixolydian mode
  • ✅ Phrygian mode
  • ✅ Lydian mode
  • ✅ Aeolian mode
  • ✅ Locrian mode
music theory poster

Chord inversions

Once you've mastered chord construction, inversions can add intrigue to your compositions. In music, inversions involve rearranging the elements of intervals, chords, or melodies from top to bottom. This technique serves multiple purposes, such as creating melodic bass lines or facilitating modulation to new keys. Inverting a chord or interval means reshuffling its notes, with the original bottom note ascending to an upper position. This imparts unique character to chords and eases their integration into chord progressions.

  • ✅ Individually colored notes
  • 🎹 Bass/treble cleff

Circle of fifths simplified

The circle of fifths is a highly valuable music theory concept, albeit challenging to grasp for many. It aids in memorizing key signatures, familiarizing oneself with instruments, and unlocking creativity in chord progressions. To facilitate understanding, we've created a simplified visualization of the circle of fifths. This visual guide reveals the number of sharps or flats in each key and highlights their positions on the keyboard. The circle of fifths offers a convenient representation of the twelve musical keys, grouping them based on shared notes for easy recall.

  • 🎼 Sharps/flats visualised

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