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Logic Pro / X Shortcuts Mousepad
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Logic Pro / X Shortcuts Mousepad



Our DAW shortcut mousepads are admired for their effectiveness. Used daily by thousands of beginner and professional music producers. Within days of using the mousepad, you will memorize the most important keyboard combinations for Logic Pro / X

✅ 33x25mm in size
Worldwide shipping
✅ Smooth fabric surface
✅ 5 color coded categories
✅ Nonslip Neoprene base bottom
✅ Compatible with IOS
Displays 80 hotkeys for Logic Pro / X
Compatible with older versions of Logic Pro / X

Non Slip Rubber + Fabric Top
Package: 1 pc/polybag, 1 mousepad, 1 flyer

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Essential Logic Pro hotkeys displayed

The Logic Pro / X Shortcuts Mousepad displays 80 essential keyboard combinations for Logic Pro / X. The shortcuts are grouped under 5 different categories making is easy to find the shortcut you’re looking for.

Shortcuts speed up your workflow by 70%
Color coded sections

To make it easier to navigate through the different keyboard combinations on the mousepad, we’ve color coded the featured categories. This makes it easier to recognize what shortcut belongs to what topic.

High-quality fabric

The Logic Pro / X Shortcuts mousepad is made from a high-quality, durable fabric, that delivers great accuracy. The soft fabric top will make your mouse move freely, so you can browse, work, and navigate with pinpoint ease.

Get to know your DAW inside out
Neoprene backing prevents slipping

The Logic Pro / X shortcuts Mouse Pad provides plenty of grip which keeps the pad in place on all surfaces, even during intense use. The Neoprene base prevents slipping, allowing you to freely maneuver your mouse.

Learn a new daw

Learning the most essential hotkeys for Logic Pro / X will transform you from a beginner user into a pro in no time, especially when switching from another DAW. Because when you know the most essential shortcuts means knowing your DAW inside out.

Become a better producer and master your DAW
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Additional information

Weight 170 g
Dimensions 33 × 25 × 3 mm

11 reviews for Logic Pro / X Shortcuts Mousepad

  1. Ben Wills

    I give courses in Logic Pro and bought this for my students. Absolutely amazing mousepad makes my job a lot easier !!

    Thank you from Australia.

  2. ThegreatL


  3. Ben Watts

    The greatest investment you’ll make for your career. It might seem like a simple tool but don’t underestimate the power of understanding your tool thoroughly

  4. Jak3

    Thanks musiciangoods i love this mousepad!

  5. Miguel

    Very happy with mine

  6. JayP

    This mousepad is awesome ! Could’ve added a few more tho

  7. Juan Maria

    Arrived pretty fast (from Argentina) so far taught me a few things i did not know about. Definitelt recommend it

  8. Staxey

    In love with it! Seriously so handy

  9. Jerome beats

    Oh yes ? this is what i needed

  10. Lauren

    Came in the mail today it’s huge lol but so cool ?

  11. Paul G

    Super happy with mine!

    Image #1 from Paul G
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