Lo-Fi Gritty (Digital Download)


Inspired by the Lo-Fi sub culture, we’re back with a new bangin’ Lo-Fi drum sample library! Lo-Fi Gritty Funky Phat Drums features some real gritty low end drum samples coupled with crisp razor sharp snares and hi-hats. The Lo-Fi library is carefully crafted from live kits and drum synths putting together an incredible selection of mellow sounds. If you’re into swing, laid-back and off the grid instrumentals this is the one for you.

With this drum library we took a step further by adding dope effects and scratch samples. We’ve made sure that every single sound in Lo-Fi Gritty Funky Phat Drums are mixed to perfection preparing you for a long-term drum sounds arsenal.

Kit Features:

  • 206 various sounds such as kicks, snares, hi hats, effects & more brand new
  • Drum one-shots in 16 bit .wav format
  • A perfect match with LO-FI Drums
  • All sounds are categorized within 8 folders
  • Inspired by the Lofi subculture
  • Compatible with all DAWS, samplers, & iOS apps
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Lo-Fi Gritty (Digital Download)

The Lo-Fi Gritty

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