Limited Edition FL Studio Mixing Template

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  • Size 105 KB
  • Melody/Sound Tracks 5
  • Drum Tracks 15
  • 808/Bass Tracks 2
  • Vocal Tracks 2
  • Producer Tag Track 1
  • Sound Effect Track 3
  • Pre-Routed Group Mixing Buses 5
  • Pre-Routed Effect Send Track 8
  • Dedicated Reference Mixer Track 1
  • Dedicated Mix Track 1
  • Dedicated Master Track 1

Comes with PDF description on how to use the file.

See the short product description below for more details!


If you noticed you spend too much time making music, we’ve solved your problem.

You’re welcome 😉

This template comes pre-loaded with labeled audio sampler tracks. So you can load your drums without renaming them.

Wait, that’s not all!

We also included state-of-the-art mixer routes to allow you to mix subgroup buses and effect sends without any added hassle. All you have to do is increase the signal level.

Finally, because we love you we created dedicated mix, master and reference mixer tracks so you can A/B conveniently.



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