FL Studio Shortcuts Poster

Our DAW shortcut posters are admired for their effectiveness. Used daily by thousands of beginner and professional music producers. Within days of using the poster, you will memorize the most important keyboard combinations for Image-Line’s FL Studio

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✅ 5 color coded categories
✅ Compatible with Windows & IOS
Displays 80 hotkeys for FL Studio
Compatible with older versions of FL Studio

Package: 1 pc/polybag, 1 poster

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The FL Studio Shortcuts Poster displays 86 essential keyboard combinations for FL Studio. The shortcuts are grouped under 7 different categories making is easy to find the shortcut you’re looking for.


To make it easier to navigate through the different keyboard combinations on the poster, we’ve color coded the featured categories. This makes it easier to recognize what shortcut belongs to what topic.

FL Studio variant used for examplary purposes.

learn a new daw
Learning the most essential hotkeys for FL Studio will transform you from a beginner user into a pro in no time, especially when switching from another DAW. Because when you know the most essential shortcuts means knowing your DAW inside out.

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