Super Bundle(Digital Download)



Drums for a lifetime!

Once again we’re back with the All In One Super Bundle by musiciangoods this amazing drum library bundle gives you not 1.. not just 2.. or 3.. or 4.. or even 5.. but 6 drum libraries all combined in one pack!!! This will not only guarantee you to produce just about any hit record but also gifts you a FREE drumkit! What more do you need?

Filled with flavour

The all in one super bundle is made up out of 6 different drum sample libraries with genres varying from trap to Boom bap Hip-Hop to neo-soul to R&B. This will allow you to produce any type of urban music and give you sounds for a lifetime.

The libraries included are:


Compatible with all DAWs/Music Software

All sounds have been processed and edited using professional outboard gear to ensure authentic analogue warmth. Just drag the WAV files into your favorite DAW and you’re good to go.

All files are Royalty-Free.

Product features:

• 6 drumkits
• Around 500 MB Compressed
• High quality mixed WAV files
• 24-Bit/44.1kHz Quality


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