17 Keys Solid Mahagony Kalimba (With Pickup System)

17 Keys Solid Mahagony Kalimba (With Pickup System)


The kalimba is an African musical instrument with a wooden soundboard and metal keys.  The instrument helps you see and understand music in a completely different way from any other instrument. The unique note layout of the kalimba requires that you understand it physically more than mentally. You learn what sort of thumb dancing you need to do to accomplish a certain song. In a totally unique way, playing kalimba really puts your consciousness into your body.

✅ High Quality 17 keys Kalimba is handmade with high-quality mahagony and ore steel bars
✅ Creates a warm and long lasting sound
✅ Create wonderful soothing music that delights your day
✅ Great for recording, family gatherings, outdoor activities, parties and relaxation
✅ Easy to learn and operate for children and adults

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International standard C tune design, with 17 keys adjustable carbon steel tines, providing more bright and clear sound.

Portable palm size, convenient to carry around, you can make wonderful music anywhere.
Suitable for social performance, family gatherings, outdoor travelling, entertainment and more.

Material: mahogany+ carbon steel
Tonality: C tune
Keys: 17 keys
Package Size: 230*190*80mm/9.06*7.48*3.15in
Package Weight: 540g/1.19lb

Package List:
1*Kalimba Pickup Cable
1*Storage Bag
1*Instruction & Music Book
1*Note Sticker
1*Set of Musical Scale Stickers
1*Tuning Hammer
1*Finger Protectors
1*Cleaning Cloth

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