17 Keys Maple Electric Kalimba (With Pickup System)

17 Keys Maple Electric Kalimba (With Pickup System)


The Kalimba is an African musical instrument with a wooden soundboard and metal keys.  The instrument helps you see and understand music in a completely different way from any other instrument. The unique note layout of the Kalimba requires that you understand it physically more than mentally. Great for developing finger dexterity.

✅ High Quality 17 keys Kalimba is handmade with high-quality Maple wood and ore steel bars
✅ Creates a warm and long lasting sound
✅ Create wonderful soothing music that delights your day
✅ Great for recording, family gatherings, outdoor activities, parties and relaxation
✅ Easy to learn and operate for children and adults

Blue typeMaple type
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The kalimba set includes 17 keys electric kalimba, cable, turner hammer and other tools. It is suitable for kalimba beginners and teaching.

Made of solid wood, making this Kalimba very sturdy and durable.
Stainless steel keys provide elasticity making it easy to play.

The thumb protector can protect your hands from scratching.
Suitable for music teachers, professional musicians, music producers and children.
Small in size, the kalimba comes with a portable bag for easy carrying and storage.

Material: Mahogany
Color: Blue, Maple (optional)
The number of keys: 17 keys
Item Size: 186 * 135 * 35mm / 7.32 * 5.31 * 1.38in
Package Weight: 632g / 22.29ounces
Package Size: 230 * 190 * 80mm / 9.06 * 7.48 * 3.15in

Packing List:
1 * Electric Kalimba
1 * Turner Hammer
1 * Cable
2 * Thumb Protectors
1 * Cleaning Cloth
1 * Carry Bag
1 * Note Stick
2 * Sticks
1 * User Manual

Additional information

Number of Keys


Weight (kg)



186 * 135 * 35mm


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