17 Key Crystal Kalimba


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17 Key Kalimba Thumb Piano

This is a perfect first kalimba for most adults. Its easy to play and understand, has a sweet sound, and can play a very wide range of music: pop, folk, rock, African, classical, carols. Great fun to play.

Kalimba is the original kalimba made by African Musical Instruments in South Africa since 1954. Made from wood and high quality spring steel, this is a real musical instrument and is easy to play, not just a pretty coffee table ornament.

A truly beautiful instrument. We highly recommend this one to anyone who is serious about playing, anyone with some past musical experience, or anyone who wants something other than a beginner’s kalimba – though if you are a beginner, this kalimba can still work well for you.
You can also use the Kalimba to make melodies for beats!

Keyboard Material: Ore metal
Number of Keys: 17
Number of Tone: 17
Shell material:ABS new composite material
Soundboard Material: ABS new composite material
Product weight: 0.3kg
Product Size(L x W x H): 18.5*13.0*3.4 cm / 7.2*5.1*1.25 in

Package Contents:
1 x 17 Keys Kalimba
1 x Tuning Hammer
1 x cleaning cloth
1 x Learning Book


Do you like making music and are you looking for an authentic musical instrument? Then you should definitely take a look at the Kalimba.
The Kalimba is a traditional African musical instrument made of wood and does not produce false tones.

Yes, you hear it right, because from now on you will never make mistakes again!

What is a Kalimba?
A Kalimba is an electrical musical instrument that is made from African wood. You play it with your fingers, so you make combinations between high and low tones just like a piano.

Playing a Kalimba is easy to learn by practicing an instruction book, fun YouTube videos and of course a lot of playing.

Unique in its kind
There is nothing more fun for many people than making music, but of course that is also possible in an authentic way! The Kalimba has 17 diatonic tones, so you play your favorite song without false notes. Super handy right?

Why is a Kalimba highly recommended?
The Kalimba is a user-friendly instrument, so the musical notes are engraved for easier learning to play. All necessary accessories complete the picture and ensure that you play the stars of heaven.


Blue, Brown, Deep Wood, Natural Wood, Pink, Transparent, White


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