Piano Chords And Scales Chart

Piano Chords And Scales Chart. Our super helpful chord and scale helpers are perfect for beginners struggling with music theory. Available in multiple different formats. These music theory helpers are an excellent tool for any musician. Displaying the most essential piano chords and scales every musician or music producer should know. The piano chord chart displays the major, minor, seventh, augmented and diminished chords in all 12 keys. The piano scales chart displays the major, melodic, natural and harmonic minor scales in all 12 keys. The chords and scales displayed are carefully designed to be easily readable and are therefore neatly categorized. Making it a great music theory tool for beginners. With the piano chords chart mousepad, you can learn the chords of any song within seconds. The mousepad is much more effective compared to for instance a piano chord chart PDF. This is because the mousepad will stay on your desk, making it super easy to simply look down and start experimenting with new chords. The piano scales chart is a great music theory tool for songwriters. You can go through the scales and easily create melodies using the notes listed on the piano scales chart. The Piano Chords And Scales Chart are also available on posters.

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