DAW Shortcut Mousepads

We’ve created these amazing DAW Shortcut Mousepads to help beginner music producers who still have a lot to learn. By learning the hotkeys for your DAW you will learn what your DAW is capable of. And as we all know you’ll need to master your weapon before you actually get to use it. Our shortcut mousepads display over 75 of the most important hotkeys for each DAW. The hotkeys are all grouped into different categories that represent different sections of your software. For example if you’re working in your mixing section inside your DAW, you can look under the mix category to find all the handy shortcuts. The mousepads are hand-printed and highly durable. They contain a rubber non-slip bottom with a clean soft fabric top. The mousepads are large in size and compatible to gaming mousepads. The 35 by 24cm surface will make sure the shortcuts are easy to read from any position on your desk. Next to shortcuts for each DAW, the mousepads also display a musical typing piano chart.

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