Custom design Maschine MK3 and MK3 Plus Stands. These eye-catching MK3 stands will perfectly fit your drum machine. We create our Maschine MK3/MK3 Plus stands to order. A built in ergonomic wrist pad is featured in all MK3 stands, therefore making it super comfortable to work on your Maschine MK3/MK3 Plus during for instance, long hour studio sessions. The Maschine MK3 stand is tilted to a 20 degree angle. The MK3 stand is available in three variations. The basic model is hand-finished with a smooth matte finish. The basic Maschine MK3/MK3 Plus stand in addition, has Alcantara padding on the inside. Our LED model comes with our innovative sound and touch reactive LED controller. Our Deluxe model is upholstered with high-quality Italian and Alcantara leather. This will give the Maschine MK3 and your studio the ultimate luxurious look. Similarly to our LED model, our upholstered MK3 stand is equipped with a built in LED controller. We produce our wooden Maschine MK3 Plus stands with moisture resistant MDF and eco-friendly paint. Hence giving the stand a smooth and durable finish. No assembly is needed. All of our stands are pre-assembled.

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