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Basically, there are two types of guitars: the acoustic guitar and electric guitar. The typical electric rock guitar is the so-called solid body. This has a massive sound box, which means that it only produces a sound with the help of a guitar amplifier and the built-in pickup. In this way, and with guitar effects, the guitar can produce a variety of sounds. Unlike electric guitars, acoustic guitars don’t need amplification to produce a full sound. The nylon-string acoustic guitar, also called classical / Spanish guitar, with its round sound is more used for classical and Spanish music, while the clear, fierce western / folk guitar is more suitable for pop music, for example. If you want an amplified acoustic guitar, look at the electro-acoustic guitars. There are also hollow body electric guitars, known as semi-acoustic guitars. These have a sound that is more open, warmer and sultry, which is ideal for jazz music and rock and roll, for example. For the left-handed guitarist we have the category left-handed guitar, with all types of guitars in left-handed version. Bass players visit the Bass Guitar department.

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