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the best mobile apps for music production

The Best Mobile Apps For Music Production In 2021

The best mobile apps for music production in 2021. We’ve all been there. You’re on the way to work and all of a sudden, you’re struck by an amazing new melody or song idea. Fearing you might lose your moment, you use your smartphone and voice record whatever you’ve got in your head. While this might work for some people, what if i told you there is a much better way capturing music ideas on the go. More and more music is being created on mobile DAWs such as FL Studio Mobile, GarageBand and iMaschine just to name a few.

We find ourselves in an era where you can create hit records from the comfort of your tablet or even smartphone. That means you don’t have to wait till you get back to the studio when you get a new song idea or hum whatevers left of your melody idea into your phone’s voice recorder. You can capture the idea you have on the spot with these amazing smartphone apps for music producers. So let’s dive straight in, here are the best mobile apps for music production in 2021!

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The best mobile apps for music production

One thing to keep in mind, is that mobile apps will not give you the full-suite capabilities and functionalities of your desktop DAW. But they will allow you to create music at any location, place or time. If you feel like creating a song on your phone is just not your cup of tea, you could still use music production apps to quickly make up a draft of song ideas while being away from your studio and expand on the idea when you get back to your creative workspace.


Price: Free
Developer: Apple
Operating system: iOS
Rating: ⭐⭐

GarageBand is a free DAW available for iPhone users. Mac users should be familiar with GarageBand as it has a long history on the Mac. This mobile version comes with various touch instruments, eight-track recording and mixing, MIDI editing, guitar amps and an arsenal of 250 loops to play around with. You can even export AAC files of your projects by e-mail or by adding them to iTunes. Instruments are grouped together and their popular synth Alchemy also comes with the app version.


• Live loops
• Audio Unit Instruments
• Drummer VST
• Mix FX
• Multitrack recording
• 3D Touch

Get GarageBand for all iOS devices here

FL Studio Mobile

Price: $13.99-$14.99
Developer: Image-Line
Operating system: iOS & Android
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

FL Studio Mobile is probably the most used music production app as of right now. With millions of users, it’s easy to find tutorials on the apps features and functionality making it easier to learn how touse it. FL Studio Mobile let’s you transfer your work to your desktop app effortlessly, being a multi-platform software. FL Studio Mobile comes with various effects, fast percussion programming, audio recording and much more features that desktop users will be familiar with making it easy for desktop users to seamlessly switch to the mobile version.

• Advanced Sound Creation – Use high quality synthesizers and samples
• Mixer – Per-track mute, solo, effect bus, pan and volume adjustment
• Step sequencer – Fast percussion programming
• Effects – Chorus, Compressor, Limiter, Distortion, Parametric Equalizer, Reverb + more
• Touch controllers – Configurable virtual piano-keyboard & drum pads
• Piano roll – Enter notes & chords or to edit recorded performances
• Audio recording – Capture live performances within the app
• MIDI control – Play instruments and link to knobs/sliders
• High quality audio engine – Optimised for low CPU load
• Export formats – Save to WAV and MP3 or AAC

Get FL Studio Mobile for all iOS devices here
Get FL Studio Mobile for all Android devices here

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iMaschine 2

Price: $9.99
Developer: Native Instruments
Operating system: iOS

iMaschine 2 by Native Instruments allows you to create full tracks anyplace anytime and anywhere. You can make beats, record patterns, structure your songs and turn loops into full tracks all on your smartphone or tablet.

• Simple beat creation and arrangement
• Step Mode drumming expanding your pad drumming abilities
• Excellent sampling capabilities
• Broad export compatibility
• Native Instruments’ iMachicne lets you create full tracks anytime and anywhere

Get iMaschine 2 for all iOS devices here

Korg Gadget 2

Price: Free LE version and paid full version $62.99
Developer: Korg
Operating system: iOS

Korg Gadget is a little bit more advanced compared to other mobile DAWs on this list. However, after getting used to the workflow, you’ll find it’s actually pretty easy to use. The app is filled with cool plug-in instruments such as synths, samplers and drum instruments. This app is very versatile and fast, with a great touch interface on iOS. The sounds are of high-quality with a fun and playful design that’s easy to control and a lot of fun to use.

• Updated and jam-packed with new features
• Instrument collection with over 40 gadgets
• Link with hardware for infinite possibilities
• Use with your favorite device, anytime, anywhere

Get Korg Gadget 2 for all iOS devices here

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INTUA’S Beatmaker 3

Price: $26.99
Developer: INTUA
Operating system: iOS
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Beatmaker 3 is one of the most complete portable DAWs available on the iOS market. This app gives you everything you’ll need to create music on the go. From sampling, creating your own banks and recording unlimited tracks that can carry large amounts of sample data. The completeness of this mobile DAW also makes it great for live performances, because the possibilities are limitless. Next to the app having so many great features, it is also incredibly easy to use making it great for beginner beatmakers. Beatmaker 3 might just be the best session DAW available as of now.

• Play, perform & record
• Create your own instruments
• 128 banks of 128 pads
• Precise sequencing
• Expansive sound library
• Export and share your work

Get INTUA’S Beatmaker 3 for all iOS devices here

Steinberg’s Cubasis 3

Price: $49.99-$54.99
Developer: Steinberg
Operating system: iOS
Rating: ⭐⭐

The most expensive mobile DAW on our list is brought to you by the developers of Cubase. This great app feels very professional for a mobile DAW as it is packed with great features. Cubasis 3 is nearly a copy of it’s bigger brother Cubase with the UI and the UX being strikingly similar. Because they’re so similar it makes it easier for Cubase users to use the mobile version of the DAW while on the road. Cubasis 3 gives you the ability to have a Digital Audio Workstation with an interface designed for touchscreens, that can compete with the likes of Studio One or even Pro Tools. You should definitely give Cubasis 3 a try if you’re an aspiring artist or music producer who likes to lay down ideas quickly from any location and export your draft or song to the studio.

• Full DAW for iPad and iPhone
• 18 effects plug-ins and 3 instruments plug-ins
• Bundled with library of loops and sounds
• Additional plug-ins and content via in-app purchases
• New Group track type
• Unlimited track count
• Insert, send and master effects

Get Cubasis 3 for all iOS devices here
Get Cubasis 3 for all Android devices here

So there you have it. These amazing mini DAWs are some of the best mobile apps for music production you can find for both iOS and Android devices. Which mobile DAWs are you currently using? Let us know by leaving a comment below. And remember, it’s not about the DAW it’s about the person controlling it 🙂

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