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The Best Beat Selling Platforms In 2020

The Best Beat Selling Platforms. In this post we’ll give you the best platforms you can utilize to make some beat sales! While there are various platforms you can sign up to, we’ve selected the most user friendly and popular beat selling platforms on the internet as of today.

1. Airbit

Even at the FREE starter level, Airbit takes 0% commission on your beat sales. And while you’re limited to only 10 uploads at this level, the Gold Producer ($9.99/mo) and Platinum Producer ($19.99/mo) levels provide you with a ton of additional features.

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2. Beatstars

Beatstars‘ FREE package comes with a 30% commision. Their Pro Page Plan is similar to that of Airbit’s Platinum tier from a cost perspective ($19.99/mo), but they do add some features that differentiate themselves from their competition. Expect beatstars to be a bit more advanced and customizable compared to other platforms.

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3. Sellfy

You can easily integrate it with your own website or Soundcloud page. And if making sample and loop packs or sound kits is your thing, Sellfy is also the perfect platform for that.

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4. Your own website

Having your own beat selling website shows how professional you and your brand are. There are countless beatmakers that are trying to sell their beats online through various mediums, but few actually have their own website. Making your own beat selling website these days is not as hard as there are countless of platforms you can easily build your first beat selling website with. A few popular website building platforms are WordPress and Shopify.

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