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How to make better melodies

How To Make Better Melodies

How to make better melodies. In this post, we’ll go through some essential tips to instantly start making better melodies.

1. Expand on a loop

Great melodies are often repetitive, but they still remain interesting. Duplicate the two bar melody onto a third and fourth bar, and change something in those two new bars. Again, maybe a different note or slightly a different timing. Keep it simple and go with the flow!

2. Reference

Try remaking a melody you love, and see if you can understand why you love it so much – maybe it’s the rhythm of the notes, or maybe it’s the fact that it’s playing one note outside of the key of the track. Whatever it is, take that concept and apply it to your own melody.

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3. MIDI packs

We recommend using melodies from MIDI packs as starting points. Find one from a pack that is interesting, drop it in, and make your own. Click here to see MIDI packs from the Musiciangoods sample library.

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4. Learn theory

It’s not 100% necessary, but having a great knowledge of music theory definitely won’t hurt your ability to write great melodies. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Check out our popular music theory cheat sheet mousepads and start practicing new chords and scales from the comfort of your chair.


5. Music theory cheat sheet poster

We’ve created a poster that shows you all the chords and scales used in modern music. Attach this poster to the wall in your home studio and practice daily. You’ll see that with time your knowledge expands and you’ll be able to create more diverse chord progressions and melodies.


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