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Music Theory For Dummies: 10 Things You should Know

Music theory has always been a controversial and polarizing topic especially among music producers. Known as one of the most boring facets of music production, you won’t find many people excited and motivated to invest their free time and money into learning music theory. Some say you don’t need to know any music theory at […]

How to make better melodies

How To Make Better Melodies

How to make better melodies. In this post, we’ll go through some essential tips to instantly start making better melodies. 1. Expand on a loop Great melodies are often repetitive, but they still remain interesting. Duplicate the two bar melody onto a third and fourth bar, and change something in those two new bars. Again, […]

Basic music theory terms you should know

Basic Music Theory For Producers

Basic music theory for producers! In this article we’ll explain some basic music theory terms every producer should know about. Whether you’re a complete beginner beatmaker or a more seasoned veteran knowing basic music theory for producers is a must! Make sure to follow us on Instagram to get the latest tips and tricks for […]

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