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free drumkits 2022

The Ultimate List Of Best Free Drumkits In 2022

The ultimate list of best free drum kits in 2022. The new year is here! If you didn’t get the chance to equip yourself with a library of  free quality drum samples in 2021, or if your library is in need of some fresh sounds, we are back with another massive list of free drumkits […]

best budget studio monitors 2021

The Ultimate List Of Best Studio Monitors In 2021

The Ultimate List Of Best Studio Monitors In 2021. There are a few things music producers cannot live without. Next to a good pair of studio headphones, studio monitors are definitely next on that list. As a music producer, it is critically important to get a pair of decent studio monitors early on. Monitors will […]

ultimate list of free drum samples 2021

The Ultimate List Of Best Free Drum Kits In 2021

The ultimate list of best free drum kits in 2021. Being a modern music producer, your library of drum samples are the most crucial aspect of music production. It does not matter how talented you are, even the most creative producer will come up short by using bad quality drum samples. Finding high quality free […]

best headphones for music production 2021

Top 6 Best Headphones For Music Production In 2021

Top 6 best headphones for music production in 2021. As a music producer being able to critically listen to your music is extremely important. Choosing the right studio headphones can be a tough task with so many different brands and variations available, making the right choice can help out tremendously in the long run. What’s […]

download free vst plugins

The Ultimate List Of Best Free VST Instrument Plugins

Being an electronic music producer, the sounds, effects and VSTs you have access to are critically important when it comes to producing quality music. Nowadays, you no longer have to spend the big bucks on various physical instruments as there are tons of free virtual instruments available right here on the internet. This list will […]

How to treat your room for recording

How To Treat Your Room For Mixing And Mastering [Beginner’s Guide]

There are certain guidelines when it comes to treating your room for mixing and mastering. Whether you’re in the bedroom, a small extra room in your apartment, or if you’re just setting up your own music studio space. Regardless of your creative space, you can have some control when it comes to the technical challenge […]

how to choose a reference track for mixing

How To Choose A Reference Track For Your Mix [Beginner’s Guide]

Does your mix still sound like crap? You can have all the equipment in the world, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re going to fail. No worries, we’ve all been there and we all make mistakes when mixing. That’s why using reference tracks can make the mixing process and production process much […]

common mixing mistakes

Avoid These Common Mixing Mistakes At All Cost

Common mixing mistakes. In this article, we’ll go through some of the most common mistakes made in the studio when trying to achieve a professional sounding mix. 1. Mixing too loud Let’s start with the most common mixing mistake. Mixing your mixes too loud can lead to mixing mistakes, or even worse, hearing damage. Make […]

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