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how to make money with beats

8 Proven Ways To Make Money As A Music Producer

Do you want to make money as a music producer? Turning your passion for making music into a full-time job providing a steady income might seem like a hard task. However there are many different ways to monetize music production other than just selling your beats. If you’re looking to turn your craft into a […]

best beat selling platforms

The Best Beat Selling Platforms In 2020

The Best Beat Selling Platforms. In this post we’ll give you the best platforms you can utilize to make some beat sales! While there are various platforms you can sign up to, we’ve selected the most user friendly and popular beat selling platforms on the internet as of today. 1. Airbit Even at the FREE […]

How to start your own record label

Everything You Need To Know Before Starting Your Record Label 

Music and music production is a flashy and alluring business. All the swag, parties, record releases and celebrities — it’s no wonder why so many people want to try to break into the business. Some people may not want the limelight of being a pop star, so they may turn their efforts to start their […]

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