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Basic Music Theory For Producers

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Basic music theory for producers! In this article we’ll explain some basic music theory terms every producer should know about. Whether you’re a complete beginner beatmaker or a more seasoned veteran knowing basic music theory for producers is a must! Make sure to follow us on Instagram to get the latest tips and tricks for music producers.


The distance between two notes is a half step when no other notes fall between them. The distance between two notes is a whole step when it consists of two half steps.


The benefit of knowing scales in music is that you know how to orient yourself among notes. To keep things simple, you can start with a major or minor scale. If you’re struggling with scales please take a look at our piano scales mousepads and posters.


Chords are two or more harmonic notes played at the same time. Most basic chords are built using three notes. It is essential to learn how to build a chord as soon as possible. Click here to see an overview of chords.


You should be aware of mainly 9 type of chords. These are: Major, Minor, Diminished, Major Seventh, Minor Seventh, Dominant Seventh, Suspended, Augmented and Extended

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