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About musiciangoods

Musiciangoods was brought to life in 2015 by a group of aspiring producers dealing with the daily struggles of being an aspiring bedroom producer. Back then, getting your hands on some quality sounds was a difficult task and, only a few quality soundkits available in very limited genres.

We wanted to bring a change to the game and give up coming music producers the tools they need to succeed. We stand for quality, ingenuity and benevolence and have ever since helped out many musicians, artists and music producers around the world with realising their musical dreams.

Every product we create is unique and solely created with a purpose. The purpose is to always help out those in need, and create solutions where they are most wanted.

We are still a small company based in The Netherlands but have been continuously growing mostly due to our presence on Instagram, where we have created an online community for music producers by sharing daily tips and constantly  communicating  to our audience.

We hope to become a trendsetter in the music creation industry in the near future by dropping more unique and refreshing products and at the same time being a go-to site for any aspiring musician.

Visit our shop to display our catologue of sounds and have a look at our wonderful accessories.

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