Musiciangoods was started in 2015 by Hip-Hop producer MellaMayne. with the goal to create a platform and inspire up and coming producers and musicians.

Since then, Musiciangoods has gained a loyal fanbase on Instagram serving as a tool of guidance for beginners, while also offering products that are unique and innovative. Our core business is music and everything around music. We’re trendsetters and always strive to develop products with the goal to help others achieve success. From our drumkits to our mousepads to our memes, everything is unique and has substance. We’re only just getting our feet wet! In 2019, we’re working hard to create ways to revolutionize the way music is being made. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about our latest product releases, useful tips & tricks


We create drumkits, VSTs, shortcut mousepads, accessories for music studio’s and merchandise for music producers.

Our drumkits are created by a team of producers and sound designers who can ensure the high quality standard we seek. The drumkits we offer are diverse with most of our catologue consisting of Hip-Hop drum samples and it’s subgenres such as Lo-Fi, Trap and more. Next to that we also offer drum samples for EDM music and it’s broad array of subgenres such as Dubstep and Moombathon, drumkits for R&B and Neo-Soul music, drumkits for reggae and dancehall music and, drumkits for afrobeat and Reggaeton music.