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As a music producer, your Production workflow is critically important especially if you’re working on bigger projects. It’s important to stay organized to avoid issues and to help you achieve that, we’ve listed some handy tips. 1. Set goals beforehand If you don’t know where you’re going how will you know the way? Feel the …
The Best Beat Selling Platforms. In this post we’ll give you the best platforms you can utilize to make some beat sales! While there are various platforms you can sign up to, we’ve selected the most user friendly and popular beat selling platforms on the internet as of today. 1. Airbit Even at the FREE …
How to make better melodies. In this post, we’ll go through some essential tips to instantly start making better melodies. 1. Expand on a loop Great melodies are often repetitive, but they still remain interesting. Duplicate the two bar melody onto a third and fourth bar, and change something in those two new bars. Again, …
Common mixing mistakes. In this article, we’ll go through some of the most common mistakes made in the studio when trying to achieve a professional sounding mix. 1. Mixing too loud Let’s start with the most common mixing mistake. Mixing your mixes too loud can lead to mixing mistakes, or even worse, hearing damage. Make …
Basic music theory for producers! In this article we’ll explain some basic music theory terms every producer should know about. Whether you’re a complete beginner beatmaker or a more seasoned veteran knowing basic music theory for producers is a must! Make sure to follow us on Instagram to get the latest tips and tricks for …
Music and music production is a flashy and alluring business. All the swag, parties, record releases and celebrities — it’s no wonder why so many people want to try to break into the business. Some people may not want the limelight of being a pop star, so they may turn their efforts to start their …
Are you planning to set up your first home recording studio? We’ve listed five essential equipment to guarantee a good start! The first thing to note when setting up a home recording studio is that while having high quality and expensive gear and a multimillion-dollar facility is a great asset for making professional recordings, it …


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These sleek design mousepads will teach you all you need to know to start creating music. The chord mousepad will teach you all Major, Minor, Augmented, Diminished and Seventh chords in all 12 keys. Our piano scales mousepad will show you the Major scales, as well as the Natural, Harmonic and Melodic minor scales.


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Our shortcut mousepads display over 75 of the most important hotkeys for each DAW. The hotkeys are all grouped into different categories that represent different sections of your software



Find the best music gifts for music lovers. From instruments to gadgets to cool unique items.


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Professional Sound Packs For Music Producers And Filmmakers. Affordable sounds in all genres. Instand download after purchase. All Sounds 100% Royalty-Free.


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These are for the culture and the love of beat-making and the producer community worldwide. All clothing offered is designed by Musiciangoods and manufactured by multiple printing company based in the US and Europe. This allows fast high demand printing and delivery to all countries.

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